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tv   Glenn Beck  FOX News  November 19, 2009 2:00am-3:00am EST

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bill o'reilly is next. good night from washington, d.c. will see right here tomorrow night at 10:00 p.m. eastern. $9 trillion regardless. f.b.n. -- if you don't get it -- demand it! [captioning made possible by fox news channel] captioned by the national captioning institute glenn: welcome to the glenn beck program. the government is incompetent or lying to you. i can't figure it out. i will show some things to you and then you decide. america, roll up your sleeves. we're going to go to work. i'm going to show you things in the coming weeks and months on what you can do to make a difference. let me show you, the n.e.a. has just said that rules for radicals should be read by every american. i think they should read the words of some real radicals. this is from thomas jeffer jefferson -- "the democracy will cease to exist, the democracy will cease to exist when you take away from throws
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who are willing to work and give it to those who would not." make a choice, america. hell hoe, america. if you're getting your economic news from the politicians or, quite honestly, anybody in the media right now, you have to be pretty confused. you're like, is it good or horrible? i mean, the dow just crossed 10,000, you know. is that bad, because unemployment just passed 10, 10%. let's look at what some of the key players have had to say about the economy. let's start with this guy. he's a genius, isn't he? ben bernanke. i love the fed! no, they've done a bang-up job, they have. he has been a big cheerleader.
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for months he's been building up the economy with comments like this one. >> years of financial collapse have secedeed and there are improvements in economic prospects. glenn: that's great. that's fantastic. quick, let's invest in the stock market without any fundamentals actually changing. then he came out monday and he said this. >> strange based lending and a weak job market likely will prevent the expansion from being as robust as we would hope. >> rut-row. i don't know which one it is^ . it was very subtle, tiffany, making the color ones like, happy news and then the black and white evil medicine. that's good. as long as it looks cool. maybe the president of the united states will know, because he told us back in january that things are so, so bad that we have to act right now ontsd stimulus or -- >> our nation will sink deeper
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into a crisis that at some point we may not be able to reverse. glenn: oh, that sounds bad! they assured us, because we're not going to be able to reverse it if we don't act now, but if we act now -- it sounds like the sham wow guy -- if you act now and pass the stimulus package, unemployment will never go below 8%. act now! call! we bought into that when we got the package. all right. this is made out of cartd board. we bought into it for $787 billion that stimulus idea, and woo, it is slightly -- i think 10 is a bigger number than 8. here we are 10.2% unemployment. they warned us of bad times. they promised they could make our boo-boo all better and we
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listened and it didn't get any better. instead of the truth, we get this. >> nobody understood what the depths of this recession were going to look like. >> i know i keep coming back to this, but didn't he say we would be in a recession that we wouldn't be able to reverse? that sounds pretty bad. i mean, it could be worse than that? i did see 2012 last night in the movie theater. the earth could just explode. maybe that's what he was thinking. all is not lost, because in spite of that negative news, barack, baby, bringing in the joy again. >> because the bold and coordinated action we took, millions of jobs have been saved or created. it saved or created hundreds of thousands of jobs in the private sector. it created and saved more than a million jobs.
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it has already saved and created over 1 million jobs. glenn: hell, i got confused because it is 100,000 and a million, but i think that's the private sector -- i don't know. fantastic, let's spend more money! jobs are sprouting up like marijuana plants in barney frank's backyard! this is job-topia in america! it is job-apalooza! i'm feeling so very good inside about all of the jobs that have been saved or created. until i read a pesky report from abc news. yes, apparently the mouse was like, hey, kids, maybe we should do some journalism, and abc news decided to check in on some of those jobs. you might have seen this one, on this site is fantastic. you might remember this. this is the site specifically created only job is to track the stimulus spending so you
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have confidence in your government, so they create transparency. uh-huh. so you know what's going on. that site, according to abc news, um, apparently that site has been posting jobs that are being created in districts that well, they don't even really exist. i have been thinking about this all day. that is transparency. these jobs are so transparent, they're invisible. the site is rid rled with so many inak ras i inaccuracies that david obey, a democrat, bike the way, called them outrageous, but here is the good news. this is the wesh site that only cost us -- this is the website that only cost us $18 million to build. or redesign. it would have cost more to build it. this was just to make sure so it could track the stimulus money and do it accurately.
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i mean, it was a bummer, because i was getting so excited about the jobs that had been saved or created. that's when i remembered, wait a minute, glenn, before you get really down, timothy geithner! he can count! ok. he can't pay his taxes but he can count, for sure, he's the treasury guy. are remember what he said on "meet the press"? >> i think it is actually delivering better results sooner than we would expect. i think we're seeing better outcomes in the financial sector. glenn: i believe him because he looks kind of like a vulcan, he does. i would respect him if he came up and gave a mind melt. maybe i would start believing him even more. then you can't forget about the vice president, joe biden. oh, he is always good for actual facts. he has had good news about what the stimulus is doing as well, right? >> the recovery is doing more faster and more efficiently and more effectively than most people expected. glenn: happy days are here again! the government is running more
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efficiently than ever. how efficiently? i read today on the drudge report that improper government payments this year are now at $98 billion. improper. i think that's money that we is been scammed out of. over half of the mistakes were in medicare and medicaid programs. $55 billion for 2009. check your calendars and your watches. 2009 is not up yet. we haven't even tallied up all the rest of the fraud and the fraud in the massive medicare prescription drug plan, so don't worry r there's more to come. the good news is president obama is going to sign a new executive order within a week. why worry about the congress? let's just pass an executive order! constitutions, constitution. this one is going to improve transparency just like that website did. try not to laugh. it's going to improve
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transparency and, quote, encourage people to play it straight. i'd like to give a shoutout to sanity right now. that ought to solve it. i wonder if we could get the union workers in there to help with that. his actions show that he is not worried about the deficit. his actions show that he is spending recklessly, but when he's spending recklessly, at the same time he comes out and says this -- >> if we keep on adding to the debt, even in the midst of this recovery, that at some point people could lose confidence in the u.s. economy in a way that could actually lead to a double-dip recession. glenn: seriously, do you think those light bars -- if i brought a rope tomorrow, coy hang myself? would that hold the weight of my body? i can't take it anymore.
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at some point in the future some people might lose confidence in the government? it would be easier to ask who doesn't have confidence in the government? i could give out the phone number right now and just say call me now if you do have confidence. who has confidence in the government right now, full faith and credit in the united states government? oh, this guy is making john -- i was brrr it before i was against it look like a straight shooter. nothing makes sense at all. they are down to a few options. they are wildly incompetent. possibility. they have been in washington since about 1787, or they're lying. it is one way or the other, and you have to decide. remember, he's worried about the deficit. he wants to encourage small business. he wants to root out core corruption. he wants to make things transparent. he wants to get things done right now!
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afghanistan. let me give you a few things n new york 0 now, they are proposing a mandate on small businesses to give sick days to employee. let's get this right. they want to help small business but they want to mandate that employers give money out to people who can't do it. they want to mandate sick days, cripple them in a recession. if they can afford it, great, but if they can't, the government is going to mandate that? california is trying to go green, ban big screen t.v.'s but the t.v. industry only has to revamp that by 2011. oh, yeah, that's going to happen. that's going to hahn. you're going to be cuba soon in california! usually they know how to give you the opportunity to reinvent yourself back to the black and white. while they're saying in california we have to reduce t.v.'s and all the energy, nbc is telling me to watch green week, watch television! can you connect the two. al gore says the world is going to explode if we don't curb global warming but al
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gore uses 12 times more energy than the average american and is still eating meat. how is that hotdog and cheeseburger, fat al? the cheeseburger and hotdog leading the reason for greenhouse gases. i don't care what the experts say on healthcare. they are going to pass this thing. it really doesn't matter. unless you stand up! i mean, you want to talk about a shield between the constitution and these politicians, we need some human shields for the constitution, my goodness! you got to stand there, send a clear message. i don't know how else you can give them the message. i mean, already the polls, 35% of people in america want obama care. politicians were running for hillary clinton like she was a living lep pass si -- lep pros sis cell when she had hilly ry care at 36%. the politicians now aren't running. they are pushing it through.
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ok. we know they're incompetent, but are they this incompetent or do they have a different agenda? i want to show you a picture, one that you have probably seen a million times. there it is on the full screen. you have seen this probably because this is the smart obama, you know, a professor writing on the chak board teaching students. he can do all kinds of stuff^ . i have seen that photo before. i didn't think of looking on the blackboard, but what the heck was he whiting on the blackboard. what was he teaching students about. what did this professor in his days at a university, a professor who chose his friends carefully, listen to this quote -- >> before being mistake fon a sellout, i chose my friends carefully, more politically active black students, the foreign students, the chicanos, the marxist professors and structural feminists an punk rock performance poets. glenn: yeah, ok, that guy. what did professor obama teach his kids? the blackboard reads and we
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can't read all of it, but "relationships built on self interest r" it also has "corpse, banks, utilities and i think that's government," but i don't know. i talked to david horowitz about the relationships built on self-interest. where does it come from? well, this is key. wait for it. wait for it! saul ol lynn ski. alinsky, if you may recall, he wrote the manifesto rules for radicals. barack obama was teaching about the wonders of re distributive change. maybe he wasn't bashing capitalism. maybe he was saying saul alinsky, this is bad, but then again, after looking at all the things he has said and the fact that the n.e.a. under this president now has rules for radicals, saul alinsky on its recommended reading web page. oh, look, there it is. congratulations, america. your tax dollars helped build that website.
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his secretary of state hillary clinton did her thesis on saul alinsky. rules for radicals is about the state of war we live in right now. whether you recognize it or not, that's what we are living in. it is the a war between the haves and the have notes. that's what the chalkboard is, the haves, the corporations banks and utilities and they have a strang hold on power, the banks, and the money symbol the president wrote is the connection between corporations and may yores that give all this money. the school of the alinsky radical is to fundamentally change this power structure, to take the people -- his was written up higher, to take the people who below here, you, and to push them up here, above, ok. they transfer the power and the wealth from these people to these people. it can't be done! let's go back and read our lenin, shall we? they want to take from the haves and give to the have
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nots. ok. maybe the president was teaching this as something as saying, hey, that's bad, but then again, where have i heard take it from the haves and give it to the have nots. >> and there is going to have to be a degree of redistribution. >> the question is how is everyone going to share in the wealth? >> give them the wealth! give them the wealth! >> i think when you spread the wealth around, it is good. >> an way in which you bring about redisindustry biewb tiff change -- redistributive change. glenn: america, alinsky taught take the power away tbrts haves and give it to the vnots, and the ends justify the means, and alinsky said, quote, he ask of ends only whether they are achievable and worth the cost, and the means only whether they work. does this sound familiar? it should. one of the spookiest guys in the administration is john
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holdren. set, hey, let's sterilize the drinking walter to stop overpopulation. let's force abortions so we don't have too much kids. he says now he didn't really believe in those things, so the means, don't worry about the means. they're just throwing all these ideas out there. remember that? remember the blackboard, just throwing those things out. there i'm just teaching it. maybe i'm completely wrong. maybe obama was teaching about how horrible saul alinsky is. that's for you to decide f you believe in that, why don't you smoke some more dope and get back to me. i'm sure that's fine. teaching saul alinsky is all academia. i mean, you know, he doesn't agree with that. good. then all the things i talk about are nonsense andly go down in the history books as a complete nut job that was totally wrong, and i'm perfectly fine, perfectly fine being remembered by that in history. i hope to be wrong, but let me tell you something, if you don't believe those things, on this show, everything we talk
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about makes perfect sense to you, all the problems makes sense to you and it's apparent to you, that's good. if not, we're in trouble. we are in trouble. first of all, do a little bit more homework. you might see that michelle obama said "barack is not the first politician -- he is not a politician first and foremost. he is a community activist exploring the viability of politics to make change." when asked about the quote, the president said i take that observation as a compliment." but yeah, what does it mean exactly? how about we check with saul alinsky's son who said "the message my late father works to get the message out and get supporters onboard when executed meticulously and thoughtfully, it is a powerful strategy for initiating change and making it really happen." obama learned his lesson well." end quote. you do your homework, and then you are where i'm at, that they are fund amountally transforming us. we must take these people at their word. if you still don't believe it,
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i ask you to ask yourself, but what if? what if that crazy guy is right, what would be left? how would we survive? what do we do? the first thing is we stop feeling powerless, because you are not. you are stronger than they are. they they need to fear you, and oh, they will soon, because you're just about to find your voice. this movement is just beginning in america. i can feel it. saturday, i'm going to lay out a plan. i am going to lay it out on the villages and i am going to lay it out over the next few months on television, but it is a plan for 2010. i will show you a taste of it on monday, but i will be at the villages live because i wanted to see people up close and personal and be with you and sense your commitment. buckle up. rest up. through the holiday season, you're going to need your streng, because we come back in january o and we're going to meet here every day at 5:00 and roll up our sleeves, because america, there is much
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glenn: one of the most frustrating things of my job is trying to explain the economy to people, and to understand it myself. i keep banging my head against the wall. when i look at these things, i try to apply common sense. you can't. it is an insane situation. nobody wants to listen to anybody who says wait, wait, wait, wait! that doesn't make any sense. so, we have to ligsen to the experts -- we have to listen to the experts. i have been talking about states that have been facing financial disaster. the word you need to get used to, because it's going to be very popular next year is "unsustainable. " yesterday we mentioned states that could go under. the pew center on the states has published a new study, beyond california, states in fiscal peril, where they looked at 6 factors as of july 31, 2009 that led california to financial ruin. here are the factors, high foreclosure rates, loss of state ev news, loss of state
2:25 am
state revenues relative size of budget gaps, legal obstacles to balanced budgets an poor money management practices. i love how that is the last one. poor money manage. all 50 states were compared to california. although california really is a beautiful state, especially this time of year, this is one instance you don't want to be like california. let me show you the map. here they, of the top ten. these are the closest to california. california, of course. you've got arizona. you have nevada, oregon, illinois, michigan, wisconsin, rhode island, new jersey. if your state is not here, don't do this, whew, because you're not out of the woods. these are just some of the first to collapse. we'll show you tomorrow some of the other ones that will blow your mind. the first one to collapse, my bet is california. so let's take tonight a closer look just at california and what's going on with
2:26 am
california. most populace state, the 8th largest economy in the world. unsuccessfully sought a $7 billion federal loan guarantee to try to close their budget gap. i don't know if they know this, california -- i mean, everybody is getting billion dollar loans. they temporarily used iou's to state employees and to business contractors. that's the first time that anybody has done that since the depression. can you imagine doing work and getting an iou? they have shut down state offices several fridays a month to close the largest budget gap in the country. the pew study showed the largest drop in tax revenue, 16%, versus the nag national average of 11%. their budget gap, 43% budget gap versus 17.7 for the rest of the country. it is almost as if they thought they were the most progressive or something. one of the ways they're trying to close the gap is -- are you ready for this? they've increased the withholding in the state by
2:27 am
10%. this is technically not a tax, because technically you're going to get it back. yeah. let me ask you this -- people of california, what the hell is wrong with you? i mean, how long is it -- they're just going to come and take an extra 10%. they're forcing you to give them an interest-free loan. when is enough? i mean, it's swear like the stockholm syndrome with you people! today, the state's chief budget analysis is projecting almost $21 billion budget for the next fiscal year. what they going to do? well, last summer, you know, they had their backs against the wall and the outgoing director of the california department of finance told "the wall street "the wall street journal" and i love this quote, i looked as hard as i could at how states could declare bankruptcy and looked at the constitution to see if there was a way for states to return to territory status." you got to be kidding me? this is where we are?
2:28 am
america, it is not just california. things are going to get worse. when they do, california will get the biggest federal bailout the planet has ever seen. what does that mean? well, they're talking about you chose a park for the day, the federal government gobbles up the land, so it is going to depend on the individual states and the individuals in those states. how much sovereignty, how much freedom are you going to be a slave in your state to the federal government, the state laws, the state land, the state schools? are you willing to have it all unby washington? do you need to start removing stars off the flag? because we're just being grouped into one. my guess is, unfortunately, a state that i always wanted to live in, california, i have a feeling they're going to give up their sovereignty and their freedom and their republic. so what's going to happen to your state? well, that depends on how many of your neighbors believe that we're on a sustainable path, because we're not.
2:29 am
we cannot sustain this path. again, don't listen to me. listen to the director of congressional budget office who recently wrote, quote "fiscal policy is on an unsustainable path to an extent that cannot be solved by minor tinkering. the country faces a fundamental disconnect between the services, the people expect the government to provide," and i can't even get through that, because listen to the tea party people, washington! the answer is with the tea party people! we don't expect you to provide all of this stuff! stop providing all of this stuff! let me show you the map. bring the map up again. you will notice there is one state missing there. it's right. there it's new york. it didn't even make the top ten. this is the state where the governor just said "new york's going to be broke by the end of the year." that's next month. tomorrow, we're going to take
2:30 am
a closer look at new york and what you can do. by the way, the first step, the first step has been taken now to rationed care. that's coming up next.
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the senate healthcare bill at the top of the hour. glenn: well, the healthcare reform debate continues. the crazy skeptics still worried about poe potential rationing, so-called death panels, sarah palin n a totally unrelated matter, the u.s. preventive services task force has seemingly done a 180 degree turn in the last six months. six months ago, an alarm was sounded by this task force when a report came out noting a slight decline in annual mammograms among women in their 40's.
2:36 am
in fact, the panel warned women in this age bracket that they could be risking their lives if they didn't get the annual preventive exam, but now, the same panel, which, by the way, doesn't include a single on col gist, and wouldn't you need one of those people? but they have now said basically it was an error. they are now recommending that women wait until they turn 50 to begin routine mammogram screening. apparently their new concern is that the risk of getting a false positive from mammography, you know, it has to be so stressful, and it could prompt unnecessary treatment. wow. i have been trying to weigh the two. you know, weigh the stress of a false positive against, i don't know, not finding a lump in time and then dying. hmm. which one? you know, once you gone, i will tell you, as i have been thinking this through, once you do die from the lump you
2:37 am
found because you didn't do a test, it does tend to cut down on your stress level and good news for the government, it is cutting down on the expense of these pesky people. the department of health and human services has even said the self-examination thing we have been talking about for years and years and years and years, and years, no, i don't want to be cynical here at all, you know me, but i can't think of a single reason to discourage self-examinations other than it could lead to -- hold it. maybe i'm growing a third breast, which in my case i may be. i could it could be just a twin twinkie lodged in there someplace, or i may have a lump in my breast and then you go to the doctor and get testing and it goes back to cost. could it possibly all go back to cost? no, of course not. let me ask you this pesky question -- how do you go from
2:38 am
vowndzing an alarm on a decrease testing six months ago to recommending that women don't even need to be tested until 50? the only difference now is obama care. set aside for a minute that, you know, we have no idea how to pay for any of this stuff and just consider this -- the healthcare bill is designed to ensure all americans well not all of them, we'll have to do more later but we will have to add 40 million into the system withouting adding a single doctor. gosh, how do you solve the line thing? well, if you get the fast-pass thing, you know, from disney, or you begin to ration care. there won't be enough medical personnel to handle the influx of people. the management of your health should be between you and your doctor. it shouldn't be about politicians. i don't want a politician around me at all, ever! it shouldn't be about insurance companies. you should control it with the
2:39 am
doctor. the closer we get it to you and the doctor, the better it is. when the government spreads their tentacles around the healthcare system is, there any doubt in your mind that healthcare decisions will be less about what's good for you and more about what's good for the government? is it really that much of a stretch? well, maybe, because there are plenty of examples of quality competition that the government provides, you know, i suppose, um, there is, um, government housing. look at government housing that we've got. oh, it's fantastic! so you got the government housing. you could live in those tenments. it is great! it is like wire on the windows and stuff. or, you could go to the competitor and get private housing. what's the difference? i mean, which one would you rather live in? it's a tossup, really. of course, there is the d.m.v. and no one is more efficient and provides more quality care and attention than the
2:40 am
department of motor vehicles. oh, i look forward to those trips there. this is a disaster unfolding! even as they decry reports of death panels, you know, they set them up, like we told you last week. one is already set up, not in the healthcare bill, the stimulus bill. then they call concerns about asking fear mongering. all the while, they continue to set the stage for both. now the white house, as usual, has been quick to attack fox for daring to report on this. one of the hallmark tactics they write from the opponents of health insurance reform has been to grab on any convenient piece of information and twist it into some misguided attack on reform, oh, no matter how unrelated it may actually be. today they're going back to the playbook again with the headline "critics see healthcare rationing behind new mammography recommendations." yep, that's us. they caught us again going back to the old playbook. yes, we have. in the playbook, asking
2:41 am
questions, and reporting facts. that's the fox playbook. ok. don't you hate that? the real question here is why isn't everyone using that playbook? the rest of the media routinely bashed george w. bush for being curious george or incurious george. where was his intellectual curiosity? he's not curious about anything. well, where is your curiosity about these issues, media? when a government panel reserses themselves completely in six months -- are we the only ones really to see a red flag here and go, wait a minute? now, an neat tarks i know you're bis -- an neat tarks i know you're busy -- anita, i know you're busy packing up your pictures of chairman mao and your husband is coming in. everybody said we were wrong and crazy and then it turned out, oh, what is happening, you're leaving. that's wierd. anyway, if i got any of this wrong, you know, pesky facts,
2:42 am
put your moving box down for a second, mao is dead. he will understand. you can call me. you're the only one who has the number. you can call me anytime. if you have that new study showing that early detection of breast cancer is actually harmful to women of them checking themselves, that's really a bad thing, you send that to me real quick, because i would love to see, that because i'm sure the scientists settled. just call me. otherwise, as i suspect, just with everything else that we have reported on on this program since installing this phone directly to anita dunn and the white house, i'm going to have to assume that this, as all the other things are is fact, and parting me for borrowing the expression, settled science. who uses that one? marxists in the white house. i believe the science is settled. oh, it's coming.
2:43 am
we will talk about who this panel is and what their motivations may be, and oh, yeah, the head of health and human services, she just came out with a new statement. she's either incompetent and can't col her own department or, i don't know, caught them again! next.
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glenn: so what is the u.s. preventive service task force, because it sounds happy, and what exactly are they doing? dr. bernadine healey, are you any relation to major healey from roy i dream of jeannie"? no. she is the health editor for u.s. news and world report. i'm glad you're here. tell me another reason how a panel could go from, hey, hey, hey, you're risking your life if you don't get a mammogram to six months later saying, you don't really need them. is there new information that i have missed?
2:48 am
>> no, there isn't, and i think more importantly, that this was in the making for quite a while, because what was released on monday was three articles in the annals of the journal of medicine so they knew all about this, and there was probably three or four months that this has been in development, so quonts i don't understand what they said six months ago, except this group has a record for flip-flopping and creating whiplash for everybody who listens to them. glenn: what is this group? who picks this group? is this a political group or -- >> this is a government group glenn: that's even worse. >> it is a government group, but it exists within h.h.s. and it is a subsidiary of it, operated by h.h.s. and all the meetings are all organized there, but more importantly, the government appoints them, the administration appoints them, many of these people are people who were chosen during the previous administration, but even more importantly, this particular group focuses on public health and economics
2:49 am
and modeling an health policy. this is very different from groups like the gynecologists and the cancer society and the, you know, for men, the urologists, who sit down and look specifically at what's right for the patient. glenn: is this the same reason why you got a good shot of dying in, let's say in england or canada if you have prostrate cancer, because they don't do any of the tests that we do now for men over in england? >> you're absolutely right, glenn. in fact, we always being digged for not having good healthcare. in the area of cancer, we lead the world, and that includes breast cancer and prostrate cancer. it is in large part because we do vigorous and aggressive screening which other countries don't do, and in fact, we started to do p.s.a. screening in men about in the early '90's. since then, the deaths from
2:50 am
prostrate cancer in this country dropped 40%. glenn: but now they're saying oh, no, we shouldn't do ccccc
2:51 am
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glenn: all right, we're back with dr. bernadine healey, the health editor for u.s. news
2:54 am
talking about the no ma'am gave fy thing, which is re^ dick lus and it is coming are from this panel. sebelius has come out and said, by the way, i don't agree with that. does that really work for you? she says the task force doesn't set federal policy and doesn't determine what services covered by the federal government, so what is the point of this? >> she is absolutely wrong in saying that this does not determine the kinds of preventive services that are covered. it absolutely does, and this is why these mammography statements and revisions are very important in health reform, because health reform designates that the u.s. preventive task force as the sole source informant for what preventive services will be covered. it doesn't go to the doctor route. it just uses this government group and this group was just one of a voice of many when it came to breast cancer or many of the other cancer scenings. suddenly they have been ed
2:55 am
straighted to be the choice of the government for setting standards, and specifically in the language, for example, the house bill says if they don't give a test in a or b, or only a's and b's will be covered, which means c's won't be. well, what this mammogram report did is it lowered to c coverage for women in their 40's and coverage for women over 75 years of aim, and in the middle, it is a shocking thing. this isn't a democrat/republican. this is a woman and man and bipartisan issue. glenn: thank you very much, doctor. america, i think we have moved past democrat and republican. they have both been whrying to us for a long time. it is just getting much worse. back in a second. final thought.
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glenn: the press calls me a lot of different things. here is what i really am. i'm just a citizen like you. i'm just a guy who has an opinion about my country. i have decided in the last couple of days we can sit around and whine about it. i can sit and admire the problems all next year or we could do something about t i'm going to do something about it as a citizen. i would love for you to join me. my staff is going to kill me. i will be in in all these places starting tomorrow on the book tour for "arguing with idiots" and saturday in the v


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